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What is Gopa Kuteeram?
Gopa Kuteeram is a worldwide youth program conducted by Global Organization for Divinity, based on the devotional path of Bhagavata Dharma.
The term ‘Gopa Kuteeram’ (Sanskrit) refers to the play-house of young Lord Krishna and the Gopas, His playmates of Vrindavan. Our motto is “Learn Krishna; Learn Yourself!”
Gopa Kuteeram signifies a place where children have enormous fun along with, and in the presence of, God. It is a place where they learn not only ‘about’ God, but more importantly, how to connect with Him personally and meaningfully, so that their lives are enriched with strength and faith. It is also a place where they learn to look at themselves and their life with a fresh perspective.

The program is inspired by the teachings and philosophy of His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji and has been structured under his guidance. Sri Swamiji’s aim is to grow each and every child in Bhagavata Dharma, which means making spirituality a part of everyday living. Spirituality and daily life
are inseparable.

Worldwide Reach
Currently, regular year-round Gopa Kuteeram classes are conducted in over 10 countries and 50+ cities around the world. In the USA, Gopa Kuteeram classes are conducted in 15 states with over 40 different regional centers. For children who live in areas that do not have a Gopa Kuteeram center, nationwide online E-Gopa Kuteeram classes are offered.
Summer/spring/winter camps are conducted periodically at many Gopa Kuteeram locations. An international Gopa Kuteeram camp is also conducted in Chennai, India around June/July timeframe every year, where children/youth from numerous countries participate.

Gopa Kuteeram Preamble:
Humanity & Divinity are Inseparable.
Gopa Kuteeram aspires to facilitate the growth of the child in the flowering of Humanity & Divinity


The Gopa Kuteeram syllabus – that is designed in India under the direct guidance of Sri Swamiji and his prime disciples – is the primary focus of the program and the classes. The syllabus books cover a number of subjects that help guide a child in the path of devotion and enable the child to develop faith and a connection with God and His Names. This is essential for internal emotional and spiritual strengthening
of a child throughout his/her life and as he/she grows.
The Gopa Kuteeram syllabus emphasizes primarily on the two pillars of Bhagavata Dharma – Nama sankirtanam (chanting the Names of the Lord) and Katha shravanam (listening to His glories).

Areas covered by the Gopa Kuteeram books include (but are not limited to):
● Praying with Mahamantra Nama kirtan – the foundation
● Praising Bhagavan and remembering Him through dhyana slokas and stutis from Srimad Bhagavatam and those composed by Mahatmas
● Singing His praises through Nama sankirtanam bhajans in different languages by various saint composers from across India
● Inspiring high spiritual living in daily life through stories from the lives of saints
● Stories from our scriptures, Itihasas and Puranas that show the right and dharmic path
● Values & Life Skills – Discussions and Exercises to enable children to contemplate and practice values such as Compassion, Truth, Love, and life skills such as Responsibility, Time Management, Anger Management, Goal Setting, and more
● India through the ages – appreciating India’s achievements in all fields, both in ancient and modern times
● Spiritual Geography – about various kshetras and temples in India and their greatness
● Group discussions, exercises, games[/vc_column_text]


The following supplemental activities and programs in addition to the main Gopa Kuteeram syllabus are offered:
* (Specific programs offered may vary within Gopa Kuteeram Centers)

Music, Dance and other hands-on activities
4) BHAJAN MANDALI – Opportunities to be a part of Youth Bhajan group or Orchestra/Band group
5) SAMSKRITAM CLUB – Learning to read, write and understand Sanskrit language
6) YOUTH MENTORING (age 14-21)

In addition to the above listed Gopa Kuteeram clubs students receive the following:
7) Learning to enjoy spending time with the Lord – Carrying the Palanquin, Decorating/Dressing Bhagavan, Fanning Him, Doing Archana with love, Offering Neivedyam with Love, Performing Simple Pooja, Harathi and more
9) Volunteering Opportunities
10) Opportunities to organize and participate in local area performances, radio shows, art shows,cultural festivals
11) Annual music, quiz, art competitions


Phone: 804-647-7033/ 804-306-8198

Glen Allen: 5517, Holman Drive, VA – 23060
CLASS TIMINGS: Sundays 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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