Krishnaji Ka Khela - Invite the Lord to Your Home

Aaj baDA melA Sri Krishnaji ka khela

Aaye rAdha lolA, chalti rAsa leelA

“Krishnaji Ka Khela” is a golden opportunity for families in the Greater Virginia area to invite the Divine Lord to their home and enjoy His divine company. The presiding deities of Virginia Namadwaar Prayer House – the Divine Couple, Sri Madhuri Sakhi sameta Sri Premika Varada Swami – are eager to come to your abode to bless you and celebrate with you.

Any special event for your family — be it a Birthday, a Graduation, an Anniversary or any other special occasion — is complete by celebrating the Lord.

kim-alabhyam bhagavati prasanne shriniketane, says Srimad Bhagavatam.

What is not possible to achieve if the Lord is pleased!

During “Krishnaji ka Khela”, the Lord will be brought to your home by devotees from Namadwaar. A Utsav (festival) can be celebrated with a two hour Satsang filled with Bhajans, Katha, Procession, etc – the foundations of Bhagavata Dharma! The hosts can invite their family, friends, and neighbours and plan the event to their capabilities.

Naming Ceremony

Welcoming a new baby into the house is one of the most special times in our lives. In  Bhagavata Dharma, the first and most important blessing to the child is brought by performing an official naming ceremony, called Namakaranam.

Namadwaar offers this divine service either in the Namadwaar temple OR in your house with the chanting of “Divine Mahamantra” and in the presence of the Divine Couple (as a Krishnaji ka Khela Satsang if done at your home). The resident priest in Namadwaar can also give a Divine Name to the child, that will be a great protection for the baby throughout its life.


As the child grows into a toddler and starts uttering a few sweet words, Bhagavata Dharma suggests that we take the next big step of beginning the divine education. The Guru holds the child’s sweet little hands and inscribes the lovely Name of the Lord, “Sri Hari”, on a plate of grains amid chanting of the “Divine Mahamantra”, to give the most blissful start to acquiring all knowledge, both material and divine..

This ceremony too, can either be performed at Namadwaar or at the devotees’ residence.

House Warming

“It does not matter how many square feet our house is. What matters is how many sadhus have graced it!” – says His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. Who are Sadhus? Those who chant the Divine Names of the Lord incessantly are indeed Sadhus.

Namadwaar offers one of the greatest blessings one can get for a new home, by gracing your new house with the Divine Couple and Sri Swamiji’s Padukas with Akhanda (continuous) Mahamantra Kirtan. This Namapravesham (Entry of the Divine Name into a new house) brings all auspiciousness to the new surroundings, while at the same time, removing any negativity and making the house pure.


Birthdays are to be cherished always, not only to celebrate the completion of a year of our lives and the beginning of a new one, but also to show gratitude to our parents and to the Lord for bringing us into the world.

Namadwaar shows us the Bhagavata Dharma way to celebrate this special day, by celebrating the birth of the Unborn – Lord Sri Krishna – with Nama Kirtan, Srimad Bhagavata Parayana, Nandotsavam with Kolaattam, a Procession, and more.


This special day is best celebrated by performing a blissful Sri Radha Madhava Vivah or Radha Kalyanam. Celebrating the wedding of the Divine Couple brings auspiciousness to our own lives.

The Radha Kalyanam will be performed with traditional sampradaya bhajans. Namadwaar’s youth bhajan group called Krishna’s Cottage, will drench us in kirtanam of the Lord through the thodayamangalam, lilting namavalis, and ashtapadis, immersing devotees in the love of the Divine Couple.


A graduation is a pinnacle moment of achievement, gratitude, and opening up new frontiers with hope and positivity. Is there a more fitting way to celebrate this than through an event that crowns the Lord as an emperor – Govinda Pattabhishekam!

Srimad Bhagavatam shows us the way to cherish this Leela of Lord Sri Krishna where He lifted the great Govardhana Hill to protect his devotees and was crowned with the Divine Name – ‘Govinda’!

Srimad Bhagavata parayana will be performed and kirtans on Govinda will be sung. The constant chants of Govinda Nama with showers of flowers during the Pattabhishekam will bring in an abundance of grace and His protection in our lives.

Special Prayer Service

Namadwaar is a prayer house, specifically established in our neighborhood to bring the power of the Divine Name to our personal lives. The Mahamantra is the most powerful means of prayer in this day and age. Where the Divine Name is chanted all the time, that place is filled with the sanctity of the Lord. Sincere prayers with faith, performed in such places, are fulfilled by the power of the Divine Name and the Divine Grace of the Lord.

– You are welcome to come to Namadwaar to pray at any time.

– If you are unable to come, just send us a prayer request via this website, and we will place your prayer at the Lord’s Feet and chant for you.

– If you would like us to come to your location and pray – be it a house, a hospital, or any other place, we will be happy to schedule a time and bring the Divine Name to you!

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